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Jumpstart Full-Stack Development Course

Jumpstart is Code4Community's new program that focuses on teaching the basics of web development for beginners. We have planned a 10-week course that runs through a lot of the fundamentals you'll want to know for developing a web application. Through the project you have the option of building, you will be learning technologies like React, Typescript, Vertx, and Java. A basic understanding of programming is required (Java recommended, but you can try out Codecademy courses if you're new), and you'll learn everything else you need from our weekly workshops!

The structure of these docs is as follows:

  • The Homepage
    • This page!
  • Jumpstart Lesson Plans
    • Contains all of the lesson plans for Jumpstart, as well as our dictionary and a list of important links .
  • Guides
    • A guides we created for last year.
  • Workshops (2019)
    • Some workshops we put on last year! It has some cool guides we created on Git, Vue.js (a React competitor), and backend development with APIs.